As an artist, have you ever doubted the value of what you do?

Have you ever questioned your capabilities as an entrepreneur because you felt that your products and contributions don’t serve any real-world purpose? 

Everybody experiences a point where they struggle in their careers, whether it be in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur. 

Sometimes it’s even harder when you have an artistic soul with so much passion, because you become surrounded with so much doubt that you start to doubt yourself. 

“Can you really make a living as an artist?”

“Nobody’s gonna buy your product.” 

“Oh, you chose an art course at university? But how will you find work after?”

“Being an artist isn’t a real job.”

Especially when you know that you have so much to offer to the world, but it’s comments like these that hinder you from even trying your luck as an entrepreneur.

The Artistic Entrepreneur

Pursuing entrepreneurship is easier when the product or service you’re selling brings a tangible solution to a real problem.

But art isn’t like the usual products you see in the market; they don’t solve any pain point.  With that said, is your art still valuable? Is your art business still worth it? Should you still pursue to make a living out of your creative passion? 

Without a doubt, yes.

Creativity is Essential

Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have musicians, sculptors, graphic artists, or painters — what a boring world to live in! 

Don’t compare your profession to the more common ones like doctors, engineers, lawyers — because each job no matter what field it may be in, as long as you work with honesty, is 100% valuable. 

Each profession offers a different contribution to the world. 

Your talent as a creative is valuable because it contributes to the beauty of this world, it provides pleasure and solitude to society. 

In the form of movies, music, paintings, books, art is an escape for some — a beautiful paradise away from the busy world. Photographs and paintings help bring color to old memories and help breathe life into places that feel like black and white. 

These are only some of the many examples of how important art is to society— we feed on art. It moves us, motivates us, and connects us to our humanity and with each other. 

Creatives, such as yourself, do shape the world. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the value in what you do, but society feels it, so don’t belittle your talent. 

When you truly know your worth as an artist, that’s when you can really make a positive impact on others. 

So be proud of your craft, because you’re valuable.