Initially, blogs were used only for self-expression until people saw them as a much more powerful platform to influence and inform a greater audience. 

Being able to connect with a global audience gives bloggers a chance to earn good money and with that, a new career was born — a professional blogger. 

Create engaging blogs that have amazing content and you can find the balance between sharing your passion and having a steady income. 

But, in every corner of the Internet, you will find a blog. So, you need to go the extra mile to make yours stand out. Luckily, there are apps that you can use to make your blogging journey easier with great rewards. 

Here are seven must-have apps every serious blogger should look into:

Productivity Apps 

A lot goes on behind making an excellent blog, it’s more than just punching your keyboard and typing. Here are two productivity apps to help you stay focused and organized:


Blogging and research come hand-in-hand, sometimes bloggers end up opening so many tabs about a specific topic for their blogs it overwhelms them.

Pocket lets you save any online content that you’re interested in, organizes it for you, and lets you view it even when you’re offline. 


Sometimes there are just too many distractions that a lot of bloggers end up wasting a lot of time. 

Brain Focus is a time management app that lets you concentrate during work sessions by disabling wifi and sounds, track your time by task, and gives you a break session in between tasks to help you get things done. 

Media Editing Apps 

Photos and videos help increase engagement with your audience because they spark interest! So here are two of the best media editing apps for bloggers: 


This application lets you edit and enhance your photos just like you would on a professional photo editing software. 

Easily edit your photos the way you want them to look like without all the complexities, save them at a high resolution, and share them on various platforms with the help of Snapseed.


With over 12 million users, A Color Story is one of the most trusted and fun to use media editing applications worldwide. 

A Color Story lets you make fresh, colorful photos and videos that you can use on your blog with different, trendy effects and filters. 

Social Networking Apps

Engaging with readers on different social media platforms is a great way to give your blog more recognition. Here are two social networking apps that’ll help you stay active and post regularly: 


Individually posting on different sites can be a time-consuming pain. Buffer is the solution that automates this whole process for bloggers.

It’s a handy app to help you manage all of your social media posts. It lets you queue posts on different websites and automatically posts them at specified time intervals. 


This is another excellent app that lets you unite all your social campaigns on a single platform.

Have the ability to schedule the publishing of your posts on different sites, track how effective your posts are, and see what posts are doing really well. 

Here’s a bonus app to help the blogger in you create even more fantastic content! 


Whenever you write something online, practically any online content with words, Grammarly is your best friend. 

It automatically checks for misspellings or grammatical mistakes while you write keeping your blogs free from errors that can ruin your writing credibility. 


Creating regular blogs might be easy, but creating blogs that can stand out, catch the attention of people, and influence them takes hard work. 

Get to know these apps, take your blogging game to the next level, and have tons of fun in your blogging journey!