There’s a new shift in the global workforce community—more companies are offering employees the option to work from home. Working from home provides great benefits like avoiding the commute, getting a flexible work schedule, and working in your pajamas.

Many prefer to work from the own homes’ safety, but there’s a downside to this arrangement. If you’re not careful, you can lose your sense of work-life balance, which can lead to productivity loss or extreme burnout. 

Here are 6 tips to help you stay motivated and healthy as you hustle from your own home: 

  1. Find A Designated Workspace 

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should work from your bed. Your workstation affects your productivity. Find a spot where you’re comfortable enough to work, free from unnecessary distractions that can hamper your work mode. 

Keep your workspace clean at all times, make sure there’s proper lighting to help you focus on finishing your tasks on time. 

  1. Create Your Schedule 

When you’re not working in a traditional office set-up, time can easily slip through your hands, especially when you know you’re just at home. 

You’re tempted to start working late or put off work for a couple of minutes to finish your cup of coffee. The next thing you know, you’re working until the wee hours of the night. 

Plan your day ahead of time and create a clear work schedule. Start and end your workday on time.

  1. Invest In A Good Morning Routine

Since you don’t have to worry about commuting, you now have more time in the morning to do something that benefits your well-being. Start your day right by doing a morning routine that fits you. 

Having a morning routine is a self-care activity that lets you focus more on yourself while increasing your motivation and concentration. 

You can meditate, eat a balanced breakfast, take a nice bath, and squeeze in some exercise before switching into work mode — whatever works best for you. 

  1. Make A To-Do List

One of the dangers of working from home is that many distractions can disrupt your focus. You feel so comfortable that you become tempted to drift off and put off work. 

A to-do list helps make sure that you don’t lose focus during your workday. It’s your reminder to get things done so that you can finish your workday on time (or even earlier). 

Make sure you have yours close to you at all times. Keep track of your progress as you ace your tasks one at a time. 

  1. Stay Physically Active In Between

Your motivation and focus will gradually drain as you go on with your day, so you need to recharge, pump up some adrenaline, and what better way to stay active than to squeeze in some exercise.

Going outside for some fresh air or stretching every 30 minutes, recharges your body and your mind. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining that energy level you had in the morning to keep you going until you finish your day. 

  1. Reward Your Progress

One of the major perks of working from home is that you can do whatever you want because you’re the master of your own time. Do the things you love to a certain extent — use them as rewards for your hard work. 

Finish your major tasks and then watch en episode of your favorite show. Work for hours straight and then read a few pages of the book you’ve been reading. 

Find the right balance between being productive and indulging yourself as a way to relax. Turn these distractions into rewards and make them sources of motivation.


You might find it hard to stay focused and productive as you work from home — it’s a lot different than working in a typical office environment. So explore the tips above to stay motivated to finish your tasks on time without affecting your personal time at home. 

With discipline and dedication, your workdays at home can be even more productive than being in an office.