Society constantly changes — new events happen, new trends start to emerge, and the next big thing always comes sooner than expected. 

Brands constantly need to be aware and stay up to date with all of these changes in order to stay relevant, fresh, and modern in the minds of their audiences by rebranding themselves. 

Rebranding can be problematic though. Giving your brand a fresh new feel can help you gain new followers but if done wrong you might also lose your old and loyal followers. 

Here are five ways to find that right rebranding balance between the old and the new without losing your identity and your loyal customers. 

#1: Add New Colors to Your Existing Color Palette 

Playing with colors is a really cool way to breathe in excitement for your brand. Since trends are always changing, you can go ahead and look into what’s new in the modern color palette. 

If you feel that your brand is “stuck”, a splash of color can spice things up. You can choose a new eye-catching color that goes well with your existing color palette so that you don’t really lose your “signature” colors. 

What’s so great about this is that this can be a non-permanent thing. You can choose colors that signify a certain campaign or simply colors that are popular for the season. You have the freedom to evolve! 

#2: Introduce A Subtle Change to Your Brand Logo 

To stand out in a world where there are already numerous brands what you need to understand is that sometimes less is more. People appreciate simplicity more than ever. 

You can use society’s newfound appreciation of simplicity when you want to make changes to your logo. This can help you refresh your branding by giving your logo a modern makeover. 

I’m not telling you to completely change your logo but rather simplify it by making subtle changes so that your brand will still feel familiar to your existing audience. 

#3: Use A New Typeface 

Typefaces also become outdated. What worked two years ago probably looks tacky or overused now. Looking out for the trends in typography can also help you refresh your branding. 

Choose a typeface that’s easy on the eyes and is readable. Nothing is worse than using a complicated typeface that people can’t read. 

(Looking for a unique typeface that suits your brand? Check out our font bundles here.) 

#4: Make Use of Brand Photography and Videography

Images and videos are so powerful right now. They have the power to attract, express, and influence. It’s the right time to invest in brand photography and videography to freshen up your brand.

These can instantly give a new vibe to your brand. You can do this in lots of ways, you can: 

  • Do a styled shoot of your products
  • Get new headshots of faces that represent your brand
  • Create behind the scenes footage or action shots of your services. 

Capture different photographs and videos that you can use all year round on your social media platforms and marketing campaigns that’ll help improve your overall brand performance. 

#5: Upgrade Your Messaging

What’s your brand’s message to your audience? This is one of the most important elements of any brand — what your brand stands for and your values. 

A great way to refresh your brand is to update your messaging. It doesn’t mean to change it completely, but rather to study your messaging, tweak it so that it represents your brand better. 


A brand does not need a complete rebrand to stay interesting and relevant. Simple and subtle changes to your brand can make all the difference.

So keep growing your brand, achieve more business goals without losing your brand’s most recognizable and essential elements.