The modern marketplace is competitive and now more than ever you need a strong online presence. You need a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy that’ll put you on the radar of your target audience — a website is an essential part of that. 

Still, think you don’t need one? Well, a whopping 30% of consumers choose a business that has a website, and the number is expected to grow. 

Let’s dig deeper into these five compelling reasons why a website should be on your must-have list. 

It builds your credibility. 

First impressions are always important for any business and a website can give your brand a major credibility boost. It makes you look professional and legit. 

It’s your platform to showcase your strengths and lets your audience get to know you better — from great first impressions to long-term customer relationships filled with trust. 

However, the appearance of your website plays a big role. If your website is poorly designed, people will see you as tacky and won’t engage with you. 

So find the perfect design balance that will make you look professional and captures the essence of your brand voice. 

It gives you control over your image. 

Think of it as you’re the artist and your website is your canvass. 

You get to choose what’s on your website. You decide what your audience will read about you. Take the time and effort to really think about what you’re going to put on your website. People love authenticity so be honest as much as possible. 

Paint a picture of your brand in your audience’s minds through your website by choosing the right words, sharing relevant information, and showing your aesthetic. 

You’re in control and that’s a powerful thing.

You get to reach more people. 

Accessibility — this is one of the biggest benefits of having your own website. 

Websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s an internet connection), which means you have the amazing opportunity to connect with more people. 

And when you’ve got your digital marketing strategy all figured out this can ultimately lead to more profit and recognition. 

Take advantage of the power of the internet and expand your target audience. 

It’s open 24/7. 

You can call it a day, go to bed, and still be open for business. 

The beauty of having a website is that you don’t need to spend a dime on open or close signages.

It’s such a convenience for your audience to know more about you at any time of the day from anywhere. If they’re looking for something that you’re offering, they can instantly connect with you through your website. 

It’s your digital business card.

Your website contains relevant information about you and your brand — information that people can easily access and refer back to whenever they want to. 

It’s much better than a regular business card because you have so much space so you’re able to share so much more. 

Keep your customers informed 24/7. 

Overall a website can increase your online footprint and increase engagement with your audience. When done right, it can open doors for you and your brand — doors that scream growth and success. 

Stay competitive. Be better. Don’t be afraid of change. 

Are you still hesitant? What’s stopping you from getting one? 

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